Full bore rifle shoots for next year.
Well I have some dates for next year and as requested we are starting earlyer and more dates. Some are 2 day events now to give everyone the chance to have a go.
These dates are provisional but hope that not to many change.
And as usual the SD members get to see them first. All dates will also be on the web site within the next few days and any changes will be on here and the web www.cattonriflesport.co.uk

February 26th Sunday 2012
March 25th Sunday 2012
May 12th & 13th 2012 (Pigeon watch forum members TBC)
May 19th Saturday
June 30th & 1st July
August 19th
I do have plans for a clay shoot in June but as yet this is not sorted.
And as ever if i can get more dates I will.

Start reloading now............