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Thread: Welcome back NORMSKI

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    Welcome back NORMSKI

    We are pleased to welcome back NORMSKI onto the Jelen Team after a long break from stalking.

    We hope to have him back on the team very shortly, as many of you have stalked with him before, and several clients have shot their first deer with him no doubt you will join me in welcoming him back to the fold.

    NORMSKI will rejoin our valuable team of professional operators, and will once again be involved in our commercial stalking operations and training.


    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence

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    is this the same guy who took a fella out that won a days stalking
    only to show him deer at a price on pulling the trigger and then got him to shoot at foxes instead whilst they had deer in view??

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    I think you'll find the case in question was an outing stalking Cull animals and as it was only Trophy animals that showed. Rather than let the guy go home not having taken a shot at all, he let him shoot a fox that did show itself.
    Glad to hear you got something sorted Norm, although I don't envy you the mileage

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    good to be back Mike, to answer stones question,well Eddy has answerd it for me and is correct, yes Eddy the mileage is a pain but i,ll happily put up with it.Went out last night and it was good to see Deer around,pity they where only Does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by normski View Post
    to answer stones question,well Eddy has answerd it for me and is correct,
    as you mention it was only a question from myself asking for a bit of clarifacation on an incident which I recall and remember
    of which Eddy and Mike hav done so with the same honesty
    did not or mean to cause any offence if I had done so and I wish you well on your return

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    no offence taken stone, everyone is intitled to ask questions

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    A big welcome back Norman sorry i missed you last week. Just got back from Scotland hope to catch up with you soon
    and get out to shoot a few beasts.
    Best regards.... Dave

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    thanks Dave,looking forward to catching up with you and hopefully knocking over a few Fallow.

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