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Thread: new binos

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    new binos

    bit the bullet today and bought a pair of zeiss conquest 8x 40 binos ,what an improvement from my old bushnell.paid 150 less than i could find anywhere else ,bought them from deako as he is shifting old stock.anyone else use these binos

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    Good investment Derek but............................................... .........have you told head office yet
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    Quad sticks

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    technically no, as i still have to pay for them ,so stop

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    Its OK, rrp on those is ONLY 3.50 I have been collared by 'the management' of several clients and can now say that the list price of a Sako 85 with Z6i and S5 is a bit steep at 200, but a good investment - all with a sincere look. Does this mean I'm a bad person?

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    christ that was cheap my sako /duralite combo was 650{and still she said" how much"]

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    Derek - I told you about the (faked) sincere look. Seems I can even do it across the internet now!

    No idea what he actually paid, but probably add a zero and then top it up.

    His only concern was when his wife started to show interest in taking up stalking herself - given the 'bits' were nowhere near as expensive as she'd thought...

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