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Thread: 4x4 tyres sizes

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    4x4 tyres sizes

    hi if ihave got 215 65 r16 tyre on standard rims what sizes could i go up to but not have to change the rims just so can look at different sizes for part worns for winter we just poicked up our grand vitara so off out tomorrow to get it dirty hehe

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    If you go on the Jimny / Vitara club site you can see what fits & with or without body lifts etc, Steve.
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    I usually amass useless facts, but I'm trying to change my ways.....

    so try this link for all petrolheads:-

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    Just be careful if you change odds and ends with tyres as recently I changed my freebie back tyres (falken AT 215x80 r15 for the same size tyres by Toyo (tranpath's) and within a few miles I could smell gear oil burning so I quickly changed all the tyres off for the road set. Any slight variance in tyre size on a 4x4 will upset the 4wd system (although I suspect some are more forgiving than others!)


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    so long as you keep all four corners the same you have a world of options
    you probably have 6.5 or 7.5J rims i.e 6.5-7.5" from inside lip to inside lip across the wheel.
    width wise you could go wider without issue,
    the second number is your wall height expressed as a percentage of the width (bigger the number the more tyre height between road and wheel)
    arch clearance is the only limiting factor here.

    Unless you change your wheels your rim size is fixed, yours are 16" rims

    only change is the speedo reading when you move away from stock sizes but as I dont tend to stick to within the 5% variance it may give you in the first place it has never bothered me!

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    Grandson has 265 75 x 15 on his old vitara , I know the Grand Vitara has 16 inch rims but would imagine you could go to the same width.

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    Found this website quite helpfull, saves all the calculations.

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