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Thread: first at new place

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    first at new place

    Well we have had loads of pics of a sounder in one area and a loan boar at another thats been causing some damage to nearby fields, so after feeding him into a field with a seat in and getting him in there regular i sat in the seat at 12 midnight on wednesday and watched the forest edge from time to time.

    At around 12.20am i heard branches cracking and watched through the night vision and soon i was watching the big boar quartering the far edge of the field sticking tight to the forest edge, he seemed to only have his mind on food and tore chunks out of the rough ground around the ferns so i slowely raised the gun but even with the z6 turned down i couldnt see him as a taget clearly so shaking i held my nerve telling myself to wait for him to step closer into the moon light, so i watched through the monocular and soon enough he worked his way towards me into the brightness of the moon and i swapped the night vision for the gun and followed his every move.
    I was still shaking with adrenalin but he soon gave me a chance at about 35 yards and the shot was taken, i heard a lot of comotion then quiet and after waiting for what seemed like hours i climbed down and found him in the ferns about 30 yards from the point of impact.
    The new landowners will be having their first taste of boar shortly...

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    Well done there Ed

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    Nice one there hope you get a taste after that effort ,bet it was one h---of an adreinilin rush.

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    thank you john, one day i hope to have as many as you and wayne under my belt, ive forgot what it tastes like its been so
    He weighed in at a very reasonable 230lb but im sure the meat count off that wont be great and most will be going to landowners on our various patches
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    Nice one Eddie mate real pleased for you after you lost your old patch.

    First of many hopefully we were out the other night only for a couple of hours seen pi** all but they are there so its just time in the seat.



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    230lb.... **ck in 'ell good start

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    ive boiled out the skull and this is the outcome....

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    well done ed, thats a nice set of tusks you have there, and to think that there are boar out there twice the size of him,

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    well done very nice animal bet land owner be happy you got him as the damage that he would of done to fields and nice trophy for you out of him as well

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