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Thread: New business in the pipeline...........

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    New business in the pipeline...........

    I am setting up a Game meat processing business from home after losing my job,and I am getting close,I have just started to clad the cutting room with white parlour board,and it is starting to feel real now especially after spending a lot of hard earned! I am going to be selling primarily to the final end user(the housewife)that and farmers markets and restaurants/butchers.This parlour board is a ba5tard to put up though especially on your own,it really needs two blokes to put it up,so it is taking me a long time,but here is the first days(well 1/2 days work.........

    And here is the chiller waiting to have a canopy built over it......

    I know it isn't the best time to be starting a business up,but there just isn't any decent jobs out there,so I had to try something.


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    Looks good martin, good luck with it all sounds like a great thing to do for a living.


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    Good luck with it, hope it proves its worth.


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    I wish you the very best of luck with your venture


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    I quit the day job in March last year, its been really hard work building a business in the current climate but it can be done.

    If your business model is sound it should work whatever the economy is doing.

    Good luck!

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    Well done Martin, I wish you every success. It wont be easy, but keeping your head above water in this climate will give you an excellent business when the economy improves, which it will. Bubble

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    Good luck in your new venture mate.
    You should have shouted if you needed a hand!!
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    looking good Remmy! where are you in wilts/somer?

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    The very best of luck Martin.

    I am sure that the sort customers who attend farmers markets, receive veg boxes, eat in gastro pubs etc are interested in wild, organic, low cholesterol red meat = venison. Key I reckon is getting over that 'fear factor' of what they do with it when they get it home and thus processing it (whilst also adding value) in to burgers, sausages, pre cooked casseroles etc is more accesible.

    Add to the above wild boar, rabbit, bison...


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    Nice one Martin,
    I'm sure you know but selling venison is simple, processing it into sausages is not so simple.
    Traceability etc
    Have you contacted business link?
    They offer great advice on starting up and free courses, as do HMRC.
    The previous post mentioned 'organic', sadly it can't be described as organic as it can't be proved where the deer have been previously feeding!
    Best of luck with your new venture, its great not having a boss, well except the wife of course.

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