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Thread: You could not make it up...

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    You could not make it up...

    Got a call off of my mate on wednesday asking if i fancied stalking that evening so of course i snapped his arm off!!! anyhow we drove into the forestry about half six and parked the truck up halfway down the track, my mate had seen a good number of deer out on the stubbles the previous evening so we crept down to the opening to see what was there, 5 does and a couple of bucks, as we were scanning through our bins i hear some clonking rattling and screeching coming from behind us, must be on the top road i thought so carried on looking through my bins. then as it starts getting considerably louder i turn round to see a pick up and trailer bouncing down the track, i tap my mate with my sticks who is oblivious to the noise( tinitus!) who turns round 'who the f*ck is that???' as they swerve round his truck and casually bounce past us waving as they go past straight out into the field thus dispersing the deer 'well we wont be shooting them anytime soon lets go and have a look on another bit', so off we set, driving down a lane we spot two roe bucks that had just came out of the wood, 'we'll just have a look the other side of the wood then you can shoot one of those bucks', great me thinks... just as we're driving towards the wood there is a daihatsu charade parked in the entrance of the first field with some old boy watching the two bucks through his christmas cracker binoculars, no harm there we thought... anyway nothing the other side of the wood so we turn round to back to the first and the old boy happens to have gone, didn't think anything of it and drove into the top field, parked up and proceeded to stalk down to the two bucks,as we're squat in the hole in the hedge having a quick look at which one to shoot we hear HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK!! i turn and look at my mate, 'what the f*cks that??' hten HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK my mate scans the road with bins,' its that old c^nt!, f*ck that i'm giong to have a word you stay and watch the deer i'll be back in a mo!' so off he go in pursuit of said old man, needless to say the old boy had gone and by the time my mate had got back to me so had the bucks you could just not make that upin one night we get some inconsiderate **** tearing into the field and some bambi bummer trying to scare the deer off from us!!!
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Oh the joys of land with close public access. Were these interferring types supposed to be there ?

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    Last year a group of 6 stags just 100m from my border were walking from open ground to cross the road onto mine and I'm on a little hill ready.. yipee! Then this car comes along and stops and out get these tourist types and start pointing and taking pictures. Deer turn and wander off the other way casually. Balls

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    the turds in the rickety truck turned out to ba farmer and wife and they're stinking collies going to a field three away which they could have come into from the other end and the old codger honking his horn i assume must have thought he was natures last great saviour... i thought he was a c^nt.
    6 stags, ouch! wouldn't have been so bad if they'd have ran off, casually sauntering just rubs it in!
    Regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    You sure someone wasn't filming for candid camera. Entertaining write up even though your night was wrecked.

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    they might well have been carl!!
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    I was out with a client and after stalking for 45min through long grass across an open field, just getting the client onto a low tree stump to get above the grass and these touristy types, with a kid shout "Oh Look Mum, a deer"

    Could of screamed, was probably a silver medal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickyboy View Post
    I was out with a client and after stalking for 45min through long grass across an open field, just getting the client onto a low tree stump to get above the grass and these touristy types, with a kid shout "Oh Look Mum, a deer"

    Could of screamed, was probably a silver medal
    I guess we're blessed here in Scotland with the space we have...I would never be considering shooting a firearm anywhere near a road so public people with their kids walk/drive right by and are so close the deer I'm stalking could ever be bothered by them! At least the kid didn't see bambi get nailed and start screaming, with the parents kicking up a storm!!!

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    Really sympathise with Jez, and the other posts on this thread, just proves there are too many numpties out there...

    I was out one evening for munty, around some pens on a pheasant estate. Estate has public footpaths over it, but not for over 1 sq mile of this area.... So, stalking along, glassed a good doe to shoot, down on the bi-pod, lining up a safe shot. Safety catch off, and was just squeezing the trigger, when a bike wheel, then a luminous jacket went across my sight picture, between the deer and me. Almost wet myself - the trigger pull is only 2.5lbs.... Some mountain biker out for an evening ride, decided the wood looked more fun than the public footpaths - and went off track !!! Despite all the red `Danger - Deer Management In Progress` signs out.

    When I got my voice back from a feeble whimper we had words, but you just can`t stop the idiots from being where they can do harm..... Don`t think I picked my rifle up for 3 weeks after that incident....

    Envy PKL greatly...

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    I had this a couple of months back whilst sitting In a highseat In the middle of a forest
    Nice sunny evening sitting waiting In anticipation, and a couple of numpties come pedaling along on their mountain bikes and decide to stop for a blether about 20 yards from the highseat

    I have since downloaded mountain lions growling on my phone for the next time they come back

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