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Thread: Venison prices..

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    Venison prices..

    we have just had an e-mail, that as from last Wednesday all local sales will now be 2.50 kg an increase of 250%.
    I believe that one of the biggest game dealers in the country has lost almost 3 million in revenue, and has increased his prices to try and recoup the loss..
    It would be interesting to see what the rest are paying...


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    Essex....ranges from 1.80 to 2.00. One in suffolk, 1.76. Where abouts are you??

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    Last week Rick Bestwick was quoting 2 per kilo for Roe taken to the Perth factory.

    I normally deal with Highland Game who I would imagine will be in the same price bracket.

    It will be interesting to see if the lack of clean sheep plucks due to a high incidence of lungworm in the national flock will encourage dealers to take plucks?

    I was told this week that one dealer was paying 8 kilo for plucks....sounds too good to be true..........

    It would be good if the price that was paid for venison began to reflect what a high quality product it is and when properly managed, it is the ultimate sustainable resource.

    Hopefully though the trained hunter requirements at game dealers will prevent any "vermin lampers" from impacting on deer populations.

    Here in Fife we have an abundant population of Roe which are vulnerable to cash hungry lampers!

    While most of you will give deer the respect that they deserve there are those within the shooting community who cannot be trusted to think further than their own means.

    All the best


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    2.80 KG up at ellon game supplies, aberdeenshire. No plucks needed and an extra 1.50 for the peezle.


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    Dont often take in deer the GD as my local dealer [suffolk] is only offering 80p/kg, a bloody discrace, l have no other local dealers that will take fur they will only deal with feather, problem is my freezer is bulging and l am just about to embark on a large doe cull, does anyone know of any good dealers in the Newmarket/Bury st Edmunds area.

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    The going rate down south at the moment seems to be 2.26 per kg for larger species & up to as much as 3.50 kg for Roe, this is a substancial increase that has been caused by the bigger Game Dealers with export licences scrapping for carcases to meet the now huge demand in Europe-so the UK dealer price has increased on the back of this.

    We buy in from a number of Estates under contract. some of these are still at the old 1.30 per kg which has been stable for years-however are all switching to up to 2.50 per kg on renewal, as I have just had to sign new terms with 2 estates last week, it was kind of take it or leave it terms.

    Our UK venison retail prices are in line with Highland Game so we are pretty top end anyway, however these will remain stable & we are just having to take a bigger slice of the cull in the New Forest on the increased private estate ground that we now have the use of to stalk over with my own people.

    I am just glad that we dont have to buy everything in or the retail prices would be going sky high.

    Those who have said they are getting sub 1 per kg are being properly shafted by the dealers in question.

    The retail end user sale price of a properly butchered & packed 35kg larger species yearling is about 200, I know because I cost them out & we process about 20 deer a week just for sale on a local basis. So if you are getting under 40 for this sized beast then you can see that your dealer is doing just fine out of it!

    Bigger Reds & Fallow can retail at as much as 500 an amimal when done- as I have also done the maths on that!

    Regs Lee

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    Highland Game are currently 2.00 per kilo for Roe.

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    i was offered 8 legs of venison for 200 yesterday.

    is that too deer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bucksden
    i was offered 8 legs of venison for 200 yesterday.

    is that too deer?
    Depends if your shooting what's the legs are holding up Even that's a bit "Deer" though.

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    looking for a decent larder in NE LINCS. not DI at Bennilworth " I would sooner not shoot than give it away 80p pound ! at least Dick Turpin had the courtesy to wear a Mask! The mark up is huge , I went to a farm shop and a Munty loin steak approx 6" 7.98 call it 8,00 . Who haggles over 2p. PMS welcome chaps/chappesses
    Regards Trapper

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