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Thread: Introduction from Moray Outfitting - Forest and Hill/ Stalking School

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    Introduction from Moray Outfitting - Forest and Hill/ Stalking School

    Hello Stalking Directory.

    We have been going for quite a while and as individual SD members ( me anyway – Oakleaf ) for sometime. Finally bit the bullet ( first and last pun ) and registered for the trade side of things. In that vein, Moray Outfitting was the best we could come up with as a ready handle for the range of things we do – with apologies for the Yank Slant. We are probably better known from the name Stalking School.

    All longstanding professional stalkers first, with two Approved Witnesses and the chief is an Assessor. Based in Moray, there are three elements to what we do –

    Deer Stalking - offered locally and at various estates around Scotland ; mainly
    Roe and Red. With AW if needed.

    Courses - Introduction to Stalking ( rifle or camera ), DSC1, Sporting
    Rifle, Various Level 2 Prep.

    Gear - range of deer/outdoor related kit that started being offered on
    courses and now also done through a dedicated website. We
    are also RFD's

    So far so samey! We have collectively been on many deer related courses over the years - in 1984 I went on Dieter Dent’s BDS Management Course. That was excellent, others have been not so good - it wasn’t the content as such, but the way it was delivered. Very much a case of being talked at. That’s where the course side of things arose; we were all fed up with being treated like pupils rather than stalkers with a common interest. Most often this attitude came from people who had substituted reading for experience. We talk with ( not to ) course members and clients. Friendly – that’s us . And we remember just how stressful the DSC1 test can be.

    Whilst one organisation, we are three individuals – and that should maybe have a capital ‘I’. Regardless of business, we all are involved in this because of a passion for deer ( in a good way ). None work time is usually doing something outdoor and deer related – which gives you an idea of just how socially sad we are. Rifles of choice are Sako 75 & 85 in 308, with one of us who just hasn’t got the message and is hanging on to his 243 Mannlicher – ‘cos it was a personal gift from Lord Kitchener.

    This was hard to put together as wanted to be an introduction rather than blatant advert. Hopefully got somewhere close. Looking forward to seeing how things develop on this forum. All on here are aware of the occasional ‘problems’, but equally what a valuable resource SD is for likeminded people.

    I know there are a fair number of customers on here, so hopefully they will vouch for us ( glowing terms optional ).
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    I did my DSC1 with these guys, great bunch of lads, well worth considering if you've still to go down that route.

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    Welcome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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