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    I currently shoot a T3 6.5x55 with rws 140grn twin cores
    have thought about changing up to a 7mm08

    what are the custom shops worth speaking to??

    any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated


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    i got a 7mm08 full custom job dont think its any more accurate than a modern factory rifle but its unique its easy to get to shoot well the 7mm08 is a very accurate forgiving caliber shot a fair few deer with it now and i love it
    varget and RL15 work very well my best group at 100 is .294" but it groups around 1/2" most times off a harris the best bullets ive found are 140 grain accubonds with partitions a close second the 7mm 140-150 grain bullet range perform very well at 7mm08 velocities they expand very well and do not cuase exesive meat damage
    if you want to try one your welcome to try mine if you can catch me before i deploy


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    My 7-08 was put together by Dasherman, based on a Sako75 action, LW 22" fluted barrel, McM stock, and and and. It shoots better than I can most days, and it drops everything it is pointed at, using Nosler BT and Accubonds in 140 gn What's not to like!

    Good luck with your project, or mine could be for sale at the right offer.

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    I'd have a word with Mike Norris (Janner on here) at Brock and Norris.

    They build top flight custom hunting rifles at very competitive rates.

    Mike is also a whizz at developing loads. He won't let you take a rifle home until your happy with how it shoots.



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    thanks for the help boys

    a few phone calls to be made by the look of it this week


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