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    red dot

    hi folks
    its probably been done somewhere before
    after info and a direction without emptying the bank i am considering red dot or holographic sight for moving targets on my 308 its tikka t3 so its no fixed sights
    I do like the look of the holographic type sight but i will listen to any good ideas or arguments for or against
    i look forward to your reply and what you use

    regards bally

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    I had a e o tec I fitted it to 22 and 223 and a 3030 rifles and it worked well at various ranges, watch out though there are a lot of fakes out there.

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    I have the meopta meosight II 30 just like shooting a shotgun not cheap around 325.00 good out to 75yds parallax free 1xmag on top of my 45-70 . yours martyn

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    thanks for your replays

    regards bally

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    Check out Frankonia Jagd, happened to be on their site yesterday and noticed they have discounts on Ziess and Doctor ones at the minute. Still not cheap though but you get what you pay for!

    They do mail order although unsure if it's to the UK and you may need to use an online translator.

    Just to add I've used an aimpoint red dot on driven shoots and they are very good both in quality and practicality. I have no experience of the other type.

    Be careful if you buy online as there are hundreds of clones made in China which will not take the recoil of a centre fire rifle. You may also want to consider the likes of a Schmidt and bender 1.5-6 or whatever they go to, these are also quite popular in driven hunts.


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