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Thread: golden pheasants

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    golden pheasants

    Golden pheasants FREE TO ANYONE

    I have a cock bird ( 2 years old ) and 6 hens ( 2-4 years old )
    I have had various breeds of ornamental pheasants in enclosed pens for over 25 years,
    but the time has come to part with the last few, being retired, my wife and I want to do more traveling, and i don't want to be worrying if they are okay when we are away.
    The only thing I ask is that they would be safer in an enclosed pen as these are quite tame.
    Bye the way I live on the south coast, and you will need to collect.

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    If you can put them in a crate for delivery i will pay the carriage i will put them in there own pen i breed guinea fowl on a small scale and would love some golden pheasants


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    PM sent to you

    Regs Lee

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    Thanks for the interest but the cost of crate plus transport would make it silly money.



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    you have PM



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    I dont know mate i reckon the carrier would have been 30/40 which would have meant if you were willing to pay that for them you would look after them i maybe wrong


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    Where abouts on the South Coast are you? I'm East Sussex (on the Forest).

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    I'll ask the guys I know that keep bantams etc later today Robin.
    I'm sure they'd be interested in taking them and also they'd be well cared for and local to you.

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    birds now going to a collector who has other rare breeds and only 15 miles away.

    Many thanks to all the other offers, sorry you didn't live closer.



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