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Thread: new 6.5 x 55

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    new 6.5 x 55

    after a bit of a wait for the variation i got the new 6.5 x55 .....steyr pro hunter mtn ,as i had a bit of bollocking for flattening the els headlands around the farms fields in my capacity as keeper i wasnt really in the mood for a shot till late this afternoon .i had fitted the bases,mounts and 8x56 s/b klassic last night so just needed to try the ammo .i chose norma 120 gr b.tip .dont have to go far for a shot so set the target up for 50 yrds at first 4 shots later and it was on bull just needed pulling left 6" .i have at first decided to shoot this rifle without a mod as i am a bit tired of luggin stuff about [old fart ] i know these rifles are not everyones cuppa this is my 3rd so i like em any comments on the ammo most welcome i have a 308 shooting 150 norma so dont need to go too heavy .got some park culling this week so will try a few shots at 100 yrds in the am .will post a pic asap

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    I got the same rifle using 140gr twin core rws and it's great not really used anything else so can't say how others fair. I love mine and am getting exact same in 243.

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    shame just traded 243 pro mtn for this new one i have the same in 308 lol steyr mad

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    Most 120-139-140 ammo is -2.5"@ 100, as its a forgiving cal. ..PERSONALLY,I avoid federal, its under pushed !!

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    cheers my other steyrs didnt like federal anyhow shot it ok but was a pig to rack one over and eject both in 243 ,308

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