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Thread: EKA Swingblade knife wanted

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    EKA Swingblade knife wanted

    as titled not the outdoor edge model though. Last change before i buy new cheers

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    dont know anyone that would sell theres including me, brilliant bits of kit swillington is the place to go cheapest i found !!

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    moonraker is 66.95 posted and is the better one ie not the outdoor edge one as that has a different quality steel or so i was informed in a previous post. Pleased to hear they are good though thanks

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    I got mine here and it was cheaper than anywhere in UK and delivery was reasonable and quick. swingblade gul&startrow=



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    Also try heinnie haynes that's where I got mine from, very cheap around 64-66 quid awsome blade!!!


    Androyd123 ;-)

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    Ref: Swingblade - Swiss EKA!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by androyd123 View Post
    Its from Sweden, but yes get this one not the Outdoor Edge version which looks identical but uses cheaper softer steel.

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    You have a PM (for a scandinavian one)!

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