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Thread: A trip of a lifetime!

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    Smile A trip of a lifetime!

    Some time ago I received some stalking opportunities and had to turn them down because of pain and lack of mobility from spinal injuries. When I explained my problem these people, to a man, were very kind to me and told me to contact them when I could stalk.

    One person who frequents this site and his extremely kind and witty wife, decided that I needed a trip away whether I could stalk or not. So as I recuperated from my last bout of surgery I was told in no uncertain terms to, "Get your arse up here as soon as possible"!

    So as soon as their last B&B couple left, and as soon as I could manage, I set off to the north of Scotland on the West Coast. I am not going to mention names of places as the loch we fished is private and I have been asked not to publicise it. All I will say is that when I opened my bedroom curtains, or sat in splendid warm comfort of their sitting room, I had views of the West Coast Islands constantly changing in front of me. It is a magic setting, but in winter I can imagine it being bleak, but always it will be majestic.

    To say that I was made welcome would be gross defamation; I was treated to the holiday of a lifetime. A professional stalker and his good lady, a man who had written for the Field and The Stalking Magazine was prepared to put up with me. Not only that but to introduce me to the fabulous scenery of the area and to tell me of its quirky but often sad and brutal Gaelic/Celtic history.

    We ate like kings feasting on venison and other local delicacies. No it was much better than that, because there was no formality just lots and lots of laughter.

    I wish my brain was capable of retaining all the wisdom so freely given over that week, if it was I would be a fortunate man indeed.

    And then there were the people. Oh the people! Men and women who made their living from the sea, as well as others who made it from the rocks, peat and some sparse soil. They will live in my memory for as long as it lasts.

    Mrs Mac', Tom and Edie made me most welcome and allowed me to accompany a very generous man on to their estate to fish a loch way up in the hills. The fact that I was made so welcome says more about the man who arranged for me to accompany him than it ever does about me.

    So we used my little Suzuki and passed through a gate that only a very fortunate few are ever allowed to do and we headed to the hills. It was a long way up and fairly hairy in places to a southern softie like me. I came to a humbling realisation on that journey, what I do down south is not stalking. It may be deer management or shooting or culling, but it is most definitely not stalking. I saw, through binoculars, where Ken shot his last stag, three parts of a way up a Munro. And he had been to the top to get over the stag. And that was not the first time he had been to the top of the hills that day! Hard men these real stalkers. Day after day they do this, and in deepest winter after the hinds too, not just the odd Autumnal stag.

    I have not mentioned the fishing as that would probably be considered blasphemy by some of the more pompous inhabitants of this site, suffice to say that the Scottish brown trout show all the fight that makes some of their human counterparts so redoubtable.

    Anyway, I have seen heaven, or part of it, and here are a few pictures to show you what it looks like;
    Click image for larger version. 

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    To Ken, Gwendy and Charlie, my humble thanks for a wonderful kindness and for making me so welcome.

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    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Dont know if its something in the air down in your County - my other half had spinal fusion a few years ago after years in Worcester. Thankfully op was very successful. Of course we need to be careful - I only let her do 6 weeks peat cutting

    But just wanted to say glad you had such a good trip and more importantly thank you for posting. A bit fluffy I know, but with all the aggro in the world and occassionally on here , it is just nice to be reminded that there are good people about.

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    Great story Flytie , and great photos
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solwaystalker View Post
    Great story Flytie , and great photos
    SS, I am truely crap with a camera, and have ruined more than one while fishing. But the wife wants a better camera so I was let loose with the family Casio Exilim. It was on fully auto, so the quality is down to the camera.

    But the views, oh the views, I did not do them justice. Honestly it was better than I can ever explain, I just don't have the talent to do it justice.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Brilliant flytie, it really is stunning up there. really enjoyed your write up, and you wont find anything better than that to get you feeling better in yourself after your sugery.

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    Some would say that God showed favouritism when he created Scotland, but you only need to look at who he gave us for neighbours to know that is not true

    Seriously though I don't suppose we appreciate, what we see every day

    Just glad to hear you enjoyed your time, and its heart warming to hear of decent people, when we are bombarded day by day by tales of the worst in society.

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    i myself had spinal fusion 18months ago sadly for me its only been 60% successfull but i still get out and try to stalk lol it just means you got be carefull what you do but yu look like you had a fantastic time hope your recovery is a good one and you back stalking in no time


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    Glad you had a good time Simon,make it the east coast next time,as you have found out we are not at all as bad as we are sometimes made out,mind you if it's the east coast next time,bring your wallet,aberdonians are notoriously tight in a pub
    It's bonny aright over there,you are correct proper stalking/bloody hard work
    Discretion assured
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    Simon, glad to hear you are progressing, & your written description of a cracking break in the wilds precluded me from opening the photo's, (I'll look at them now)........... was with you all the way in spirit, as to fishing, however the method... no pomposity from Cheshire bud! can't turn down fishing if on offer!
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    glad to hear you had a wonderful time simon and what a fantastic write up!! have you ever thought of writing books? and are your sure that the camera was a casio?? looks more like a disposable to me maybe meet up soon for another beer and hear some more of your excellent trip...
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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