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Thread: experts ...some advice please.

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    experts ...some advice please.

    next weekend i am doing some park culling. Should i take the dog and let him track in there. there are lots of deer and i am concerned the scents might be a bit overpowering for him?

    experts for input please.


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    Neils Sondergaard recommends the use of deer parks to train dogs to differentiate between the scent/sign of healthy and injured deer i.e. we train not to track the healthy deer only the injured deer. I don't know if your dog is trained to drive or track? However, if you can achieve this without interrupting the park cull I would use it as a training opportunity. Allow your dog the opporunity to build a scent picture of healthy deer scent and injured deer scent. Discourage the dog from tracking fresh unwounded deer. Ensure the dog understands what you want from it. Remember to allow the scent of the injured deer to settle because the scent of unwounded deer will be less strong. Pratice both in daylight and at night. Good luck.

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    I don't feel this would be a good idea at all unless you expect runners of some sort all the farm/ park deer i have shot or seen shot have dropped on the spot as they were all head shot.
    Controlled situations are called for with a novice dog and if he is fully trained then park shot deer wont do him any good at all.

    just an opinion

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    Both of the above replies have valid points, however if the shot goes wrong, or you need a follow up, the dog could be valuble depending on his experiance. I personaly would take mine, and use a long tracking lead if I was worried he would riot. You could of course, with permission move one or two beasts away from the kill point for training purposes. All depends on dogs ability, steadiness, and more importantly parks acceptance. Purely my thoughts while recovering from flu (man flu) i'm told while I normaly stalk Mondays, deerwarden

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    What level have you trained your dog to. If he is experienced and you can track him on a lead no problem.
    If the dog is a novice it best to give him more training first.
    I've found that even if you get a promising novice dog that will track 8 hour scent it had problems when i laid the trail and left it over night. In the morning there was just to much other animal scent to distract the dog. so i had to wait till the dog was more experienced.
    As the dog gets more experience working in a deer park would be good training. lay out a tracking tail as normal in the park. DON'T EVER DRAG CARCASES AROUND AND LET THE DOG TRACK THEM. It do's not challenge the dogs tracking ability and has no place in training a dog for deer work

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