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Thread: Ziess Duralyt

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    Ziess Duralyt

    Ziess Duralyt 3-12x50 ,30mm tube,#6 ret as new, paperwork ,boxed fitted with Butler Creeks,bought from a member on here a couple of weeks back,but I've never used it

    460 posted or 450 collected.

    ***Now sold thanks ***
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    does this have the reticule in the first or second focal plane?
    (does the cross hair get bigger when you zoom?)


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    No mate ,the reticule remains constant throughout the zoom(nice and fine)

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    Ok thanks
    I tired to find the reticule on the zeiss website but could find it. is it three thick posts down to four fine cross hairs (wider fine section than a 4A)?

    any pictures or link to original sale?

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    Yes it's three thick posts down to four thin crosshairs,but it's finer than the 4A,have a look at the sportsman gun centre site,I think thy have a picture of the ret on their advert for it.
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