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Thread: Brock and Norris "Help for Heroes Raffle"

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    Brock and Norris "Help for Heroes Raffle"

    Well just had a phone call from Mike from Brock and Norris to tell me I haven't won first prize in the Help for Heroes raffle but I have come second and won a pair of 7x42 Ziess binoculars, how bl@@dy happy am I, I never even knew there was a second prize, a big big thank you to Mike for organising this raffle and a big big thank you to Zeiss for donating these as a prize, I will treasure them, really chuffed, thanks again
    BIG GRIN!!!

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    Well done Crumpy, and to everyone else who made a donation to H4H through buying tickets.

    Best regards,

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence

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    Cheers Mike,
    I hope a good 'un has won the stalking with you, I'm sure they'll have a great time, I could come and watch from a distance with my new bins!!! Lol!
    All the best

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    Well done crumpy, i wonder who won the fantastic rifle, well done to all involved.

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    Well done Crumpy! Just reminded the missus to close the never know who's lurking around here with a decent pair of binos

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    Cheers guys,
    No idea who won the rifle, would be nice if they didn't want it and I was forced to have it for coming second!!!
    Fancy a nights lamping with me next weekend Rollo, nice long walk, you can bring your heavy rifle I'll carry my nice light lamp!!!!!

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    Yes mate, I could do with wearing my new boots in we could use my lamp know the one that's bolted to the top of the landy save my little old legs

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    It's a date, will give you a bell before the weekend

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    The rifle was won by a dedicated shooter/re-loader who has shot 99 foxes so far this year.
    He currently uses a 6mmBR so he will have plenty of ingredients in stock for his new .243 .

    [ I wrote out the winning ticket ! ]


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    Well done mate, I've handled it a couple of times, won a cracker there, going to save no. 100 for it?!!!!!!
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