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Thread: re-loading service

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    re-loading service

    i was having a think the other day about the time and money ive spent on developing loads and the end result of having half pots of powder and bullet heads left over and i then wondered if anyone does a profesional re-loading service where basicaly you could drop your rifle off they have a range and all the kit and basicaly work out a load for you without you needing to buy god knows how many differnt types of heads and powder and also how much would this service cost and how long would it take them?

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    hi mike norris offers this service think it,s about 240 pounds and that includes 100 rounds not sure how long the turn around time is

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    ive thought about offering this service.. snag is that i would have to become an rfd in order to hold your rifle.. im still thinking seriously about it, depending on the hassle with setting it up..

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    There is a company in the Kidlington/Oxford area that develops a load for your rifle and then when you want cartridges you buy them from them.
    I have no other info I'm afraid but it may jog somebody elses memory.

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    Kynoch do it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by danpd View Post
    Emcc do you mean this guy?

    DMC, Bespoke and Hand Loaded Ammunition
    I used DMC a few years ago. On my first visit the chamber was measured then I left with my rifle, a week later I went back to try out 2 different weights of bullets. 6 rounds per bullet weight, 3 rounds crimped, 3 rounds uncrimped.

    I now load my own ammo and realise that Quickload was used to develop my ammo, no working up of the load.

    Bloody dangerous or someone who can use Quickload professionally ??

    The rounds that I purchased from DMC were very accurate, and David is a nice bloke.


    A good mate of mine has just had a nightmare with Brock and Norris doing load developement.
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    Anglo Custom Rifle also offer the service and you would need to leave the rifle but turnaround is usually quite quick,charge is circa 300 with 100 rounds returned.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    Quote Originally Posted by danpd View Post
    Emcc do you mean this guy?

    DMC, Bespoke and Hand Loaded Ammunition
    Yes that is the guy. Not cheap, but worth it if you have an expensive calibre and don't want to waste ammo at 'very expensive' price per round zeroing.

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    UKGunworks in Northampton offer that service, quick turnaround and good prices.

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