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Thread: Roe in winter coat.....a bit early?

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    Roe in winter coat.....a bit early?

    I've seen 2 differant does in or going in to winter coat already. One was well into it although not a thick yet but clear gourget (spelling) patches showing the other was front half winter back half summer again with clear gourget patches. One was also in a group of 2 does, 3 kids and a buck. Is it early to be seeing them in winter coats or normal?


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    Maybe they know something we don't...

    We got our first big dump of snow a year ago 2 months from now (think it was around 24th Nov), hard to believe isn't it?

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    Maybe like i say i dont know when you'd expect them to change but seems early.


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    I thought maybe it was just me, saw a doe the other night with a buck. She was in her winter coat.
    Did begin to wonder wether I was seeing things.

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    Shot 2 bucks 2 weeks ago that had winter coats starting to show

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    Shot a young buck about 2 weeks ago with gourget patches coming through, looked like he was just coming out of winter coat, as in all patchy.

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    I saw a couple the other day sporting their new looks

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    Seen a roe doe yesterday in winter coat had to look twice,does seem early but winter is just around the corner.

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    I saw two does last thursday night both in winter coats. Bit early even for up here

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    Same here in Devon. Watched 2 Does the other evening and both were clearly going into winter coat.


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