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Thread: 90gr .270 load for N160

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    90gr .270 load for N160

    Hi, I am searching around for some N160 load data for 90gr Speer HP in .270
    there was a thread on here that someone mentioned using them but I cant find it.

    Speer doesnt list it on their site
    VV starts at 100gr
    Lee book doesnt list N160 for 90gr only for 100gr
    Reloaders nest doesnt list any data for N160 for 90gr

    Does anyone have either a Speer manual to see if they list N160 or a load they have used before.
    My load program on the PC shows 49.5gr-66gr max which seems a very wide spread.
    The 100gr VV data starts at 58gr and goes up to 65.80 (compressed load)

    At the moment I have worked up some loads based on the 100gr from 58gr up to 64gr but it would be nice to have some actual data and not just be tiptoeing along until I see pressure or not knowing if I am actually way off the load data range.

    I am assuming I am going to run out of space if the 90gr load range has a max load above the already compressed load for the 100gr. but it would be good to know

    They also seat with a very short OAL due to the size of the bullet. I have seated them as far out as I dare with .277 of bullet in the neck but they look very funny on such a long case.
    be interested to see how they shoot.

    According to my PC program they are relatively flat for such a light bullet when hitting 3450fps
    1" high at 130yds
    200yd zero
    -1" at 250yds
    -5" at 300yds
    -10" at 350yds
    -15" at 400yds

    any help would be great

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    Just use the 100gr data, N160 is really too slow for these light bullets, hence the lack of data.

    I used N160 and these bullets in a 270 some years ago, but I can't remember the load. I doubt if you can get enough of this powder in the case to cause trouble with a 90gr bullet.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    that is what I was thinking, although it still seems to knock it out at 3400+
    strange thing is VV list N165 as a 100gr load alternative to N160!! that is even slower.

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