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Thread: Very sad news and a great loss

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    Very sad news and a great loss

    Got a phone call last night which greatly saddened me even if it was not such a surprise. My stalking mentor finally lost his battle with cancer and passed on Saturday evening.

    The stalking world has lost a great member of it and a great source of knowledge and a huge store of hunting tales.

    Cliff you will leave a hole that can never be filled . It has been a privilege to know you and to stalk with let alone learn from you. Hopefully you can meet up with your old stalking buddy Tony now .

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    BRIT sorry to hear your sad news .
    but take heart that you were lucky enough to meet such a great man
    and for him to share his knowledge and tales with you
    regards pete .

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    Rip cliff

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    I feel your loss Brit after my loss earlier this year.
    I hope he was as well looked after as DAD was in his last days and his family and friends were near.
    The advert is very true.
    Cancer touches ALL our lives in one way at some time.
    RIP cliff (and dad)
    kind regards john.

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    Cliff passed at home with his family. Depending when and if there will be room I shall attend the service..Knowing my luck it will clash with the legal dealings going on.

    Thank you for your kind words they are appreciated.

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    People are to be treasured. Our time is all too brief. Just when people have accrued lots of wisdom and life has knocked the rough edges off, they are taken from us. Consider yourself fortunate to have met a great man, keep his memory alive by talking of him often.

    Live your life for today, for it is no dress rehersal.


    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Old stalkers never die mate they just blend into the environment with the deer they loved. Take heart that you knew a good man and remember the good times.



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    I pass a Sign nailed to a Tree every Day that Reads "The Gift of God is Eternal Life" I used to wonder what that meant but like many on here i have lost Old friends and there spirit lives on in us who are left behind with the Memories of all that has passed.


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