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Thread: leaky boots?

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    leaky boots?

    I have a very old but comfortable pair of Kodiak boots that have sprung a leak at the "rand" and are a bit worn on the toe leather.

    I found a tin of "Plasti-Dip" which is a flexible plastic/rubber coating used on things like the handles of pliers etc.

    quick run round the leather/sole join and couple of layers on the toe and they are back to working order. Waterproof and flexible

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    HI BREWSHER500, Where can i get my hands on a tin of this magic potion,, as am badly needing my fav boots done. cheers..

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    hi i tried this a while ago but it didnt work to good ? maybe mine were beyond help

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    what happened?

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    Hi it lasted for a day or so then started to peel away from the leather and the rand

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    really? exact same brand
    think that might just be unlucky.
    I prepped my boots with some wire wool to rough it up but this stuff tends to stick like the proverbial to a blanket.
    I avoided going to far over the rubber as that will bring it into contact with the ground to often. I just ran mine into the bead between the sole and the leather

    I have some mesh dipped in the stuff as a grill on my lower bumper and it has survived 3 winters so far

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