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Thread: First 2 Fallow of the year.

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    First 2 Fallow of the year.

    This weekend I took a friend of mine out to start the catch up with the Fallow Bucks.

    We started on Friday evening, early on I clocked a Muntjac heading off through the trees, we managed to catch up with it but she would not present a clear shot and my friend was not very not happy about taking a head shot off the sticks so the munty got to live another day. The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful but a few Roe spotted.

    That night we went out lamping with the keeper. Not much luck there as well but we saw a lot of Fallow bucks out. I noted all their locations so we could come back in the morning.

    Morning dawns finding us on the edge of a empty field. Damn things had vanished. We pushed on and eventually at 11:30am we ran into a Bachelor herd. We had a very slow stalk into them as it was thick woodland, we clocked them 50 yards in front of us. My mate dutifully got on the sticks and swiftly dispatched these two.

    Try not to laugh at his hat its my pigeon shooting hat
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    nice result, well done

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    great looking animals, welldone

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    great read & nice looking bucks well done


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