hi folks

my mate up in aberdeenshire just had his old rifle re-barrelled by Grant Taylor in Dundee....

and hes totally made up with it ..so he asked me to type a quick thank you and say how happy he is with the job done....( as hes no to great wi computers ...prefers to bo oot shooting)

anyway the rifle was a standard remmy 700 sps in .25-06 flavour but he was losing grouping with it.....thought the crown wasnt great so wasnt sure bout grant as he did know him...i recommended him along with few others and Grant re-crowned it.....but said that he had to go back near 2" on the barrle to find decent rifling!!!!!!
so basically it was a short term fix.

anyway he sent rifle back to Grant in dundee and decided on 6.5x284

long story short rifles done....he also had grant do a load devleopment for him and tested etc...he also bought Redding comp dies etc and Grant did him a drop chart with the new load as he is just starting to go down the long range plinking route also.

so the rifle is
Remmy 700 sps re-barrelled with a Trueflyte barrell 26" #5 profiled
blue printed and bedded etc
tactical bolt knob fitted
threaded and re-crowned to F-class standard ( grant puts same crown on all rifles as he does on his F class rifle)
northstar mod
Third eye rings mounts and pictinay rail

the stock is a a HS stock at the mo....but waiting on a thumbhole mcmillan to appear which was ordered for it

ammo is A-max 140grn with 48.0 grn of H4350

now.....he is getting .5moa at 400yds with this combo and other day went out and decided he wanted to try its legs...so an 18" x 18" white rock was picked out @950yds and dialled in and.........bingo!!!!! 1st shot hit.....
he obviously will not be shooting anything other than paper at this range i hasten to add...
i added this to show the workmanship and detail put in enabling the nut behind the butt to do the rest as they say.

anyway hes happy customer...
so if anyway ones in the area give Grant a shout (taylor on here ) i can vouch for him

so can the owner of his new toy

a'the best
sauer / paul