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Thread: Rifles in .375H&H

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    Rifles in .375H&H

    Who makes them?
    I can only find CZ, Browning and Remington doing searches on the web.
    My choice seems to have fallen on the Browning, anyone got any comments?
    Good, bad or otherwise.

    Yes I am looking at getting a new rifle.

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    Try looking at some of the following;

    Savage Arms

    I use a Winchester Model 70 on a pre 64 action in .375 H&H Mag and get on with it very well. There have been a lot of changes at Winchester over the last 12 months so I am not sure if they are still making them.

    Have shot with a borrowed Sako in Africa and that also performed very well.

    Great calibre and very versatile.With 235 grain loads it makes a nice flat shooting plains game round and with the 300 grain loads it will do the job on the big stuff.

    Keep us posted and let us know what you go for.

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    HAving browsed around the net I'm still favouring the Browning A-bolt.
    Apparently it now gets made in the Miroku factory in Japan, and is wholly made of stainless steel.
    I don't mind a heavy rifle, Im used to carrying a Lee Enfield around.
    But now looking to get something synthetic and stainless, after my last outing in 2 days of monsoon type weather I felt sorry for my old LE.
    Afterall hit is 54 years new.
    I think they would go well together, 2 great calibres
    .303 British and .375 H&H

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    I have a Blaser R93 is .375 which is the badger's nadgers

    Just make sure you get the heavy barrel version with the recoil reducer


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    I don't think recoil will be a problem, I will be fitting a moderator to this rifle.

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    The Sako 85 Kodiak is worth a look.

    A controlled-feed action is an absolute must, if you are going to be putting yourself in harm's way. You may just be using it on reds or boar, however if you're planning to also shoot dangerous game, you need a rifle that cycles faultlessly, including when it's upside-down. I appreciate that sounds a little Walt-y, but it's not in reality.

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    Hi Viking
    I used to have a very nice Sako one of the older models "safari model" with express sights.
    I traded it for a cheap Stainless/synthetic Remington because I wanted to have a moderator on it and couldn't bring myself to do it to the sako.
    The Remington shot excellent when I first had it (sub 1") then I swapped the trigger unit and after that it kept shifting the POI so I've just had it bedded which seems to have done the job.
    Keep us informed how you get on, i would be very interested to hear about the moderator you use, make,size, weight etc. I've got a special build Wildcat predator which is very effective. I'll post a photo tomorrow if I get chance.


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    I have a Model 70 in 375 H&H I purchased from and estate sale in South Africa. Nice rifle.~Muir

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    The moderator will most likely be a BR Reflex.
    The 10 baffle design will only add 120mm to the barrel length.

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    .375 H&H

    Hi Viking
    It took a while but i remembered to take a photo of my .375 H&H with a wildcat moderator it extends the muzzle by about 100mm but I haven't measured it exactly

    I've also got a photo of my .375 Sako but I couldn't bring myself to chop it about and put a mod on it.

    I like the wildcat mod on the .375 but also use Relex's on my other rifles good mods.


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