Got a cracking deal on these bullets, so i can pass on those savings. i have approx 8500 of these Winchester 55gr Pointed Soft Point Bullets .224 Calibre, would make an ideal plinking round, or cheap foxing/ pest control, loaded some up in my friends 22-250 and we were getting .25 groups, so nothing at all wrong with them accuracy wise.

In bags of 100




for amounts over 1000 i'm sure we could work something out, would be ideal for a club or similar to purchase then resell to members.

Obviously these are Section 5 expanding components so CANNOT be posted except to an RFD via special courier, so it would make sense to get a few of your mates to go in with you and split the shipping costs. Can also be collected with correct authority to acquire expanding ammo on FAC.

Please PM any questions.