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Thread: Namibian Cull Hunt Question

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    Namibian Cull Hunt Question

    Hi All I'm looking at putting a cull hunt or two together for next year in Namibia. The primary species will be springbuck and they are available at excellent prices, (About £40/beast or less)

    Beyond that we also have access to oryx, Red hartebeest, Blue WB and some Blesbuck.

    My question is what do you think is more important in a package. Quantity of game shot or variety of game shot?

    Just interested in canvassing opinion before I put the packages together.


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    If you are geting Springbok @ £40.00 you are certainly doing well.
    As for the rest of the mentioned game, in my past experience they come a lot dearer,unless they are non trophy animals (Females or young).
    Springbok Management hunts are great for me as I am firing beyonde the 300yard + distance.
    At £40 please get back to me.



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    mix of diffrent game would be great. would be up for alook if you get the right package together!

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    What ever you go with please add me to the interested list.


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    OK guys I'm just getting final confirmation of the packages but they look to be good. I will do a package for a week with 20 Spring buck and 4 Oryx, and a second package with just 30 springbuck.

    Details should be out in a couple of days.

    I'm also working on a big culling operation in the kalahari dessert with Quads fitted with GPS trackers. It's rough and ready but sounds like a real adventure to be chasing the herds accross the dunes.


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    Please PM me with details



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    kalahari sounds good to me pm me with details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajfab View Post
    kalahari sounds good to me pm me with details.
    The Kalahari trip is a bit further from being finalised. It has been offered to us but I'm struggling to tie the african contingent down on details. For those of you that have any history in doing this stuff you know that the details are everything so I don't want to expose anyone until I have it covered and I'm sure it is going to be a success.

    The other packages should be ready in the next 48HRs.


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