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Thread: New boy from Somerset

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    New boy from Somerset

    Hi all new boy from Somerset here.
    I have quite a few different permissions around this sort of area including some a bit futher south for Sika.

    I have just bought a 260 and a google search for reloading advice brought me here

    all the best


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    Welcome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    HW welcome to the site regards pete .

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    Plenty of info to be picked up on here.
    Hi & welcome.

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    Where in somerset you from bud? im in bristol got a gunshop there! grew up in Wells

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    Thanks guys I am out in the sticks about 3 miles from Podimore

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    way down there! where the men are men and the women are worried! hahaha good to have you on the site mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by HW260 View Post
    Thanks guys I am out in the sticks about 3 miles from Podimore
    Not exactly 'out in the sticks' really then
    Not far from Ilchester city Sparkford town and not far from Somerton, Street and Ivythorne gun shops

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    hi i am only about 3 miles from podimore going towards street. welcome to the site.

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