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Thread: Waterproof overtrousers

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    Waterproof overtrousers

    Looking for some cheap but half decent waterproof overtrousers for a 50 mile hike i'm doing in a couple of weeks. Was going to buy Keela Rainlife 5000 but they only come in navy/black and seeing as I do more stalking/shooting than walking I want to get something in green. Has anyone got a pair of the deerhunter greenville overtrousers, and if so, are they any good?

    Anyone got any other recommendations for around the 30 mark?

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    I got a cracking pair from bushwear. Made by jack pyke.

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    Berghaus, probably the longest lasting kit for hiking and climbing... i have a couple of pairs and they have been washed hundreds of times and are still shape and colourfast.

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    I have just received a pair from Surplus and Outdoors, 38 Comberton Street, Kidderminster. DY10 1QN .
    Gelart Monsoon Green Waterproof Overtrousers with Easy Zip Access. 9.99 plus 2.99 postage.
    Wonderful value for less than 13 .


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    I use British army Gortex over trouser in DPM. German Flectarn are similar. Saw new one at MGF last weekend at 15 which was a steal.

    Eiether would be ideal in your circumstances.


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