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Thread: Seeland lingfield Gear

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    Seeland lingfield Gear

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have this gear for hunting . Found it on the net and was thinking of buying but just wanted some opinions first .



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    hi i don,t have any experience with the lingfield gear but i bought the beater suit, never again leaked like a teabag. save your money and get some harkila a bit expensive but it will do what it,s ment to

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    I got a suit on the cheap, showerproof at best, zips didn't last, buttons fell apart.....of all the clothing i have the cheap german gortex army flecktarn stuff just keeps on keeping on........

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    I too had the beater jacket on a peg last year and the jacket leaked like the preverbial sieve, it was raining heavily but it pissed water through,arm pits,chest back, everywher.I got my duck dri from the car which i should have worn in the beginning job done for the same money and extremely hardwearing.
    The overtrousers however i found spot on and i was bone dry all be a little cold sitting on my backside.
    If memory serves they weren't that cheap either.

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    I've got a pair of the trousers: warm(ish), windproof(ish), showerproof(ish....never been caught out in the pouring rain in 'em). They do rustle somewhat, so prob not your best bet for woodland stalking. Need to wear a belt with them as they have poppers above the fly rather than a proper button, and they 'ping' open a bit too easily (.....and that's not due to my gut!!)

    Think I paid 50 quid a couple of years ago for them at a game fair, so not grumbling at the price/performance equation.


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    I had some last year never again leaked and ripped as soon as they saw a branch or barded wire

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