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Thread: Hello from Cambridgeshire

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    Hello from Cambridgeshire

    Hi everybody, i've been into shooting for as long as i can remember, i started with an air rifle, as did most of us, i now mainly shoot pigeons, and do alot of vermin control.
    I passed my DSC1 in july this year and now own my own .243, which i use for fox and deer. I am going on my first hill stalking trip in December which i can't wait. Anyways i look forward to chatting to you all.

    Regards Pete

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    welcome to the site pete,look forward to the write up when you get back from scotland,good luck.

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    Hello Pete and welcome to the site. Wrap up warm for your trip up the hill, look forward to reading about it on your return.

    Where abouts are you going?


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    Welcome, lots of info and general chit chat to had on here, what area of cambridgeshire are you from l to am in the county.

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