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Thread: shooting vehicles

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    shooting vehicles

    well we just got our first 4x4 its a grand vitara and this will be the misses every day car and my shoot vehicle what does everybody else use and do yu have any special things you have done to it to make it a better shoot vehicle or tips too make them better
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    Discovery 3 and deep carcass trays in the back :-)

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    if it's the mrs everyday car
    a. be quick to put your mark on it!!! otherwise you'll end up pulling into an estate or a shooting day with purple flowery stuff, pillows on the seats, car smells all nice, and there's some girly song in the background..just can't happen!!! LOL
    b. you probably won't be allowed to make it 'cool' as shooting car,,big off-road tires, carcass trays, lamp on the roof, seat covers, etc...
    c. You'll probably be given grief when you return with mud all over it and around the interior carpeting, so... what to do

    a. tires,,get as big tread as you can get away with from a domestic permit perspective! sell it as "honey, I don't want you getting stuck in the snow!"
    b. Seat covers - get some!
    c. carpet/floor plastic matts - get some!
    d. Carcass tray - good idea
    e. removable window sill gun-rest and lamp (if you need)
    f. this is the important bit!! psychologically believe that this is YOUR car, it is manly, macho, and it's a frontier challenging 4x4 that does not have a nail file and spare tampax in the glove compartment..nor do you worry about stopping at the petrol station to vacuum and wash it before returning home, after having changed in the public loo's...

    nice car though mate,,will be good from a fuel consumption perspective, and light enough to travel over mud rather than sink in.

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    pkl my misses just read this lol and she actually agrees with most of what you said

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    Something wrong with the car in that picture: it's too clean!

    Go forth and cover it in mud and keep it muddy, remind the onlookers that it's an off road vehicle, not a poncey pick-up-your-kids Chelsea tractor

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    it is muddy now lol but its still clean inside ihave been warned by better half it best stay that way lol

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    Wait till the first time she picks up a tick or a ked My wife didnt stop going on about it for a month. And that was at least a week after I had carried the last deer in a carcass tray in the back.
    It worked in my favour thoughas that stopped her driving it about regularly, and in the end she got a family run about and left me with the Vitara full time

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    I changed my Discovery3 for a VW Golf (everyday car) PLUS a LWB Nissan Terrano (dedicated shooty bus!) - no need to worry about stray feathers, mud, empty cases, dog hair, etc, etc that annoyed my other and significantly better half.

    Terrano has:
    - some foam pipe insulation taped to the tops of the wing mirrors (rifle rest)
    - General Grabber AT2's on each corner
    - Sunroof for lamping
    - big mats to catch the worst of the mud off your boots
    - a dog cage in the back
    - .....not been washed since I got it!!
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    You should find an aux power lead in the rear light cluster, for the towbar electrics, you could splice off this (via a fuse) and whack an led work lamp on the back of her ( led because they draw much less current and give you a whiter light), it makes loading up in the dark so much easier, its also great for gralloching etc in the dark, and is useful when towing people out of ditches/snow so you can see when hitching them up.

    Also when splicing the light in add a 12v socket in the rear somewhere, great for charging lamps/fridges etc

    Also very useful for reversing in the forest tracks etc as the reversing lights on Suzi's aren't the best.

    Dont go too mad on the tyres, a decent set of AT's should be fine, but if you go for mad ass mud tyres, you'll regret it as you'll loose on-road handling and mpg's, and the noise will drive you even more insane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin View Post
    - .....not been washed since i got it!!:d:d

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