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Thread: 3 New Leupold Scopes

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    may help the sale if you put on magnification range and objective sizes etc

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    Just follow the link

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    Thanks for the messages gents, description updated.

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    Um, well the header says VXIII and the text says VX-3. I presume this is a VX-3 if it is new??

    I nearly got excited then saw it did not have side parallax.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    This ad. seems clear and consistent to me.

    VXIII AND VX-3 are the same product line .... maybe U.S. hunters aren't familiar with Roman numerals so Leupold have clarified their range for simplicity.

    This is a 1" tube hunting 'scope where parallax is typically set at 100 yards. This is all you'll need.

    The long range variants are the much more expensive 'VX-3L' with a fatter 30mm tube. These come with a side parallax adjustment knob. They also have a concave section bashed into the underside of the Objective, which looks like it's had a going over with a ball hammer.
    This is to mount the 'scope low over a bull barrel....... and looks a real hoot.

    I don't think you'll want one of these .... just think of the embarrassment
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    reduce your scope height by 30%
    cant see the problem

    cracking scopes. prices are very good too.
    I have three of these ranging from VX3 LR to VX1

    IMO you will struggle to get scopes of better quality for the money.
    If I had 500 I would have the bottom one!!

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    950! Holy S&B price range. Dollar must be killing exchanges.

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    the mail order problems where i believe due to another member of staff who "left" ,visited the shop and bought a pair of zeiss binos last week more than happy

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