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Thread: help with wording for requiring a calibre on a variation

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    help with wording for requiring a calibre on a variation

    ive the variation form in front of me here to apply for a 308 and under the section that reads give details of each firearm and calibre i wish to purchase ive put

    for the stalking of large red and sika stags,as i have found the 243 is fine for red and sika hinds but lacks the stopping power for large red and sika stags who run when shot

    please lets not have the 243/308 debate again , id just like to know if ive worded the above correctly

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    I shouldn't of thought you needed to go into quite so much detail to be honest,although if you are likely to come across any foxes while you are out with the rifle then it might pay to add them as well.If it was me I would ust put Large deer species/foxes and wild boar,if they ask about the boar then tel them that you will be buying some boar5 shooting in the near future unless you have them already on the land that is.


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    but basically that should be ok ?

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    I'd just put 'deer and any other lawful quarry' on the form itself - keep it simple.

    Any further information can be either relayed directly to the FLO or the FEO if they ask for it or put it in a covering letter if you want to expand on the reason at the time of applying.

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    I agree with Orion. If they want further clarification then expand. And your reasoning is good. I'd say I wanted a larger calibre rifle for the larger species, where a heavy hitting power and better accuracy at a good range would be advisable. I used that argument to get a .338 for stalking even though i'd already got a .308 and 7mm Rem mag - so it works.

    If you want any further help feel free to pm me

    Good luck and keep us informed how you go on



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    I never volunteer information. Just answer the question asked in an accurate and concise manner.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkie View Post
    I never volunteer information. Just answer the question asked in an accurate and concise manner.

    need to know IMO
    it is a simple process, the more you confuse them with unnecessary info the more chance you have of them (mis)interpreting it and doing something stupid!!

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    You guys obviously not delt with strathclydepolice. They want to know what colour socks you are wearing and what you had for breakfast

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    Yes, but you originally asked what to put on the application form. Irrespective of what they might later ask you for to demonstrate your 'good reason' for possessing the rifle the advice given is to keep it as simple as possible on the form - and that would be applicable to any police force FLD. Keep it simple and don't unwittingly restrict yourself - if they need further information then you can give it.

    Good luck with it all.

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    Its away now. Just need to see what they say

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