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Thread: Benelli M2 Ambidextrous?

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    Benelli M2 Ambidextrous?

    Can anyone tell me how the benelli comfortec 'ambidextrous' works on the 12g shotgun?

    How can a stock be ambidextrous? Does it just have no cast whatsoever?

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    i think you put shaped spacers inbetween the stock and the action

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    If you're a leftie you'll get spent shells shooting across your face - not good.

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    Ah I see! Thanks!

    I am right handed but have seen a m2 ambidextrous so wondered how the cast would work. That makes sense as without cast it wouldn't be as easy to shoot as one with cast. I need all the help I can get sometimes! Obviously for lefties I can see it is not ideal having cartridges passing across your face!!!!!

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