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Thread: 6.5x55 or 30.06

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    6.5x55 or 30.06

    what do you think would be the better cal for long range out of these two calibres,as i need to put one of these cal on my ticket.

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    6.5x55 ......................................

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    Thanks for reply.
    Still thinking about which one.

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    What are you shooting?
    What ranges are you shooting at?
    Why do you need to put one of those exact 2 calibres on your ticket?
    They are very different calibres, both very capable in the right situation, but a little more information is required on their useage before advice can be given.

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    aught six can carry the same projectile with greater propellant volume behind it, so arguably it will have a flatter trajectory than the 6.5! I wouldn't pick either for shooting deer at longer ranges (I don't mean the yanks long-range definition, but perhaps 200-300 yds on the hill here in the UK. For 'those' distances, if your holdover is right on, you are using a rangefinder and either varmint reticle or a BDC turret, but will do the job equally well. The aught six can be loaded up to 220g rounds, which means that even though you need to offset for more drop, you will have reduced drift - which, if shooting long shots for big reds on the open wind-swept hill, can be a benefit. The 6.5 lacks a bit in this department, and 'yes' I have shot both plenty of times!

    why only the two cal options, and what do you mean long range, define the situation a bit more and members can help you make a good decision.

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    As said above you need to define what you want 65/55 is a nice round to use for all round stalking 3006 is quite a bit more harsh
    6.5 drops about 11.8 at 300yds with 130grn
    nearest data I have for 3006 is 8.7 with 147grn
    All this is academic at normal stalking ranges.

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    If you are talking about shooting long range, and I will assume that you mean targets not deer then neither of the calibres are where you should be looking, a 7mm calibre is what most of the top shooters(F Class) are using.

    If you are talking shooting deer at normal stalking ranges just get a 270 (almost a 7mm anyway).



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    You rarely see a 30-06 on a long range shooting line up You will see some 6.5x55's though.

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    As asked, how far is long range, do you intend to be competitive and what are shooting at?

    Personally, I'd go .260 or .308...
    Same performance, more efficient. I have both.

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    If you really want to go long range and load yourself get a CZ in .300 H & H. Launches a heavy high BC bullet at quite a rate. You shouldn;t mind recoil too much though.


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