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Thread: Information on shooting in Hungary

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    Information on shooting in Hungary

    I am looking for advice and information, preferebaly from those who have been there, on shooting in Hungary. I'm interested in small game (pheasant, hare, etc) and wild boar; a 3 to 5 day shoot to be coupled with some pre- or post-shoot sightseeing in Budapest and/or Vienna. Any advice will be welcome, especially if you know of an outfitter or booking agent you have used and recommend. Thanks from a new member!

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    First off i've not shot in Hungary but i was there for a week this summer. The countryside there was lovely, albeit very flat where we were. We stayed in a cottage about an hour south of Budapest which has a garden about the size of an acre, maybe one and a half. Let me tell you there is plenty of wildlife there, we had hare, pheasant, partridge, fox and roe deer in the garden regularly - and that was with 6 of us arseing about in the pool / having BBQs.

    I also read somewhere (whilst i was out there, in a tourist information centre) that the Fallow in the region are particularly good.

    As for the boar, i'm not to sure but there must be a decent outfitter out there who could sort you out.

    Good luck in your quest.



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