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Thread: First casualty of the rut

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    First casualty of the rut

    Had to do a mercy job this morning the first casualty of the rut.
    I have an "extra" large aggresive stag that has taken up residence in the wood, im sure it will have been him who has done the damage as this stag was imobolised only a field away .
    He had horrific injuries two broken legs a bust elbow and a broken jaw !

    Seen this stag scores of times, had him walk right under my seat the other day and filmed him numerous times too
    Too late now looks like he wandered the wrong way and met his match with stagzilla,

    I was goose shooting in a ditch last year and i saw this big stag lock antlers with another stag albeit alot smaller flip it on his back like a wet rag and proceed to give it a proper pasting ! then trotted back to his hareme at the side of the wood without breaking sweat !

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    Jesus, he has taken a good battering.......a nice head on him as well.

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    Looks like he was hit by a train!

    Lucky you was around, he could have lasted days like that.

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    Yeah where were you ? i rang you to give me a hand and no answer !

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    just got out of bed, lamping until the early hours

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    Is it time to think about shooting the old bigger agressive stag ??? I would as you dont want genes like that passed through!

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    Poor bugger is in some state, the other boy must be some size!!

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    jesus, that is a proper kicking.

    Don't agree that you want to be culling the more dominant, aggressive and bigger stag.
    That is what stags are MEANT to be like.

    think junior here just didnt realise quick enough that he had met his match.
    He didnt learn to run away and live to fight another day. that is a trait you should remove from the gene pool.

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    Never seen anything like that, are you sure it was another stag?
    I was after a nice old stag last rut, saw him a couple of times but never got a chance of a clear shot at him, plenty of other beasts around but mainly young stags and some medal class big boys. I had to go back home after a week, but my father in law shot the stag a week later. It had only one eye after a fight and was in pretty bad shape.

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    its a shame what a nice beast


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