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Thread: Basc reloading day

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    This seems a bit on the steep side to me @ 125.00. (Maybe thats because I am a tight Yorkshire man ). I have just bought a full reloading kit for 110.00 and with the help of people off here and good old Youtube, seemed to have picked up the basics quite quickly. Alot more to learn but then again the SD is full of knowledge

    Where do BASC get there prices from!!!!!!!

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    I too thought that. Just been on a BASC 'improve your shooting' course at the same venue that cost 65 including lunch and cartridges. There was a coach between 2 or 3 people and a lot of staff there.

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    I went to one of these a few years ago, maybe BDS rather than BASC. To be honest the guys running the course were nice enough, but they knew less about it than I did. It would have been useful for a complete beginner, but not for anyone with even six months reloading under their belt.

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    Apache if I had known I could have popped up to introduce myself, I only live just over a mile from Euroguns

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