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    Black Flash Trail Cam


    I'm considering getting a trail cam, but the place I want to put it is not very private and a normal flash would be visible. I am concerned that putting a normal cam up there would be a bit like nailing 150 (or whatever) to a tree in broad daylight.

    I wonder if anyone has any experience of the latest "black flash" cams. I know that Stalkers UK do one, albeit that model is a bit pricey. My understanding is that these cams are completely invisible.

    I'd be grateful for any information on this and ideally a contact for a cheap one.



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    I have seen one and whilst nothing like as bright in IR mode the LED's were still slightly visible.

    I have just bought a couple that apparently are very close to invisible, but to be honest I am not going to risk it to get night time shots. I suspect the "things" I want to see happen in daylight!

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