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Thread: Scope screws keep loosening! Is Loctite the answer?

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    Scope screws keep loosening! Is Loctite the answer?

    Hi All,

    I have a new Duralyt scope on my Tikka T3. I have had all mounted professionally -I think with the correct mounts, it looks right. Firstly, one my base mount screws came loose upon firing throwing my zeroing out, then it started again a few sessions later. My gun professional cited at the time not to use Loctite as it would make it possible to take them apart at at later date etc. Fine. But I understand Loctite prepared screws can be removed with tools. However the Loctite should keep them from loosening with the forces of firing. Advice please.

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    Why would you need to remove the bases in normal practice??

    The Sauer 202 has had isues with bolts stripping and now comes new with thread sealant (loctite)

    Loctite them, but be careful not to much as it can run through the holes and set affecting the operation of the bolt

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    you could try loctite 243 which can be undone at a later stage.
    if it gets a little difficult to turn the screws a little heat can be applied to the screwdriver, but make sure its a small amount of heat!

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    Loctite isnt permanent.
    It just means the "cracking" force is dramatically increased to hold the bolts tight.

    I would be more concerned that they were not the correct bolt if they are coming undone.
    I have never had to loctite a mount

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    Does the rifle have a moderator fitted?
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    loctite linky

    Do not use the high strength as it is a real fight to remove base screws (but is done easily if you know how).

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    what mounts are they??
    never had a problem and I have x3 rifles with them fitted.

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    What mounts are they ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    what mounts are they??
    never had a problem and I have x3 rifles with them fitted.
    Four here and, again, never once had a problem. Three of them are on moderated rifles and none of them are treated gently! Maybe the screws are simply not being done up tight enough? Glyn.

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    Thanks for remedies! The rifle is moderated T8 in .308. The mounts are extra low version Optilock. I will double check the screws used. Maybe they just need to be cranked up a bit more, but I will try to remove them and Loctite them after my impending stalk, as it should be rezeroed then. Until then I will rely upon my cranking them up a bit at range today.

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