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Thread: Another DSC1 query

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    Another DSC1 query

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to take my DSC1 soon. I live in North Wiltshire and for my sins I'm a teacher, which means I absolutely cannot have weekdays off in term time.

    I'm looking for somewhere recommended, nearby that can work me into weekends.

    Any pointers please?

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    Jelen Deer Services - Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence are on your doorstep and run their courses over a weekend from a Friday evening to a Sunday afternoon. Plenty on here (including me) have been through the course and it comes well recommended.
    There's a course this weekend and they tend to run monthly.

    E t R
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    As eric the red said jelen I used there online learning centre and passed my dsc1 assesments at the weekend

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    We run courses over three days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Details are on my website, please feel free to contact me for any more info.


    Welcome to Corinium Rifle Range

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    dougster I cant recomend HME and his facilites highly enough .
    regards pete .

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    Hi Dougster we run our dsc level 1 from friday eve starting 1730 hrs till sunday finishing aprox 1400 hrs. so catering people like yourself who find weekdays differcult because of work .
    Best regards..Dave (Jelen deer services )

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    Fantastic. Thanks to everyone. I felt a pratt asking but I have come up trumps.

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