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Thread: steyr scout anyone got any views

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    steyr scout anyone got any views

    Looking at purchasing 2 new rifles and am at present looking at a few different ones. like the idea of the light weight scout. Just throught I would but the question out there and see your views.

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    I have been running a Steyr Scout for about 5 years in 308. I have not found it lacking in any department. It is lightweight, tough, ergonomically sound, very friendly and accurate. I know most people that run them stick a conventional scope on instead of an intermediate eye relief one, don't bother with the ching sling and even fit a Harris bipod on!
    This, to my mind, ignores the finest aspects of this design, only when used in a field situation do these qualities become apparent. I can never see myself changing to a conventional design again, unless it was for a heavy calibre rifle.

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    Scout in .223

    I have had a Scout in .223 for about a year. I shoot homeloads and it groups 3/8" @100 yards. I have a Svarovski 6-24 PV on it and I have taken foxes at over 300 yards. I love it.

    I have a Ching sling but haven't really used it - most of my shots are taken in a prone position.

    I would buy one again without hesitation.


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    I've been thinking of getting one of these in 308 too, swapping over from a sako 75 in 6.5x55; looking for a lighter outfit with a bit more power. I would need to use the a mod with it though, can you explain the nature of problems you had with the mod?

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    What kind of moderator were you using? Has anyone else had similar difficulties?

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    i has a few shots with one on a hampshire estate - it belonged to another guest. it was .308, had pes moderator and i think a 7 x 50 german scope, and a ching sling thing! i was using a prohunter .243 at the time which was more accurate than the scout if i remember, that may have been just the ammo, but he shot more deer that day . it was ok, but i kind of thought it was a bit special interest and like a "swiss army knife" - does everything, but not really the right tool for the job.

    both myself an the scout owner now shoot blaser r93's, mine in .243 and .308, his in 6.5 x 55 with a very pretty stock and i think he may be getting a .375 for africa.

    i suspect that since buying the r93, his scout hasnt seen the light of day!

    there is a dedicated steyr scout website here

    which has some good stuff!

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    the silly itegral bipod clicks too loud for my liking

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    Still pondering but what about...............

    Hi and thanks for your comments.
    Looks like there is some varying views and some points to check out before making my mind up, Dare I even mention that I am also looking at the Howa range, very different concept to the scout but worth a look?

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    Had a look at a Steyr Scout at the local gun shop. This is just my opinion. I thought that it was the worse bit of plastic trash i have ever laid my eyes on. How has Steyr manlicher sunk so low in quality to turn out rubbish like that. But its what ever rings your bell.

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    Oooh informed opinion or Troll in the making?

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