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Thread: Any good shooting or fishing shops near Littlehampton?

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    Any good shooting or fishing shops near Littlehampton?

    I'm going to be going to Littlehampton to visit my brother soon - Just wondering if there are any good shooting or fishing shops that are worth a look near there?

    I know there is a little fishing shop in the town centre but I cant remember there being much else...

    Could travel a bit for a decent shop.

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    aint got a clue but i bet Google has


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    I tried google but didn't find many options, too late now anyway - I was there Thursday/Friday....

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    midhurst west sussex
    thats a BIG NOPE
    closest thing is FA Andersons east grinsted other than that s**t - shoulder shruggers and we only do air guns now!!!
    NOT that there is anything wrong with airgunning!!!

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    La is where it's at baby!

    However, apart from tropicana (the aforementioned fishing shop) there is naff all here. Portsmouth gun centre is a good one, or f a andersons in east grinstead. Other than that just enjoy the chavs, teenage mums, stuffy terriors and vauxhall novas. There is also ford ranges, but I have always found them a little over priced and cliquey. They don't to my knowledge sell anything anyway!

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    I almost paid a visit to but didn't get round to it in the end.

    Sounds like google was about right....

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