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    Anyone know any good stick-makers on the site? (walking) I would like to get one made, in remembrance of my uncle who has just recently passed away.

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    PM sent.
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    Theres a bloke from Lydbrook in Forest of Dean, made one for me, outstanding stunning stick, he makes them to order, has clients here in NZ, Aus and USA, I can`t find name or number, but IMO it would be def worth trying to find it if you want something "special"

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    I got one made by this guy for my birthday this year. They really are great. A thing a beauty and true craftsmanship. Simply love it.


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    speak with Martin Hyslop he'll put you on to the best, he supplies everyone in the country ,he also makes sticks up for sale or will rough out a horn for you to finish if you wanted your own touch to it .

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    Thanks again for all the info, plenty to choose from and hopefully get the one i'm after.


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