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Thread: Scarey moment

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    Scarey moment

    Just been out bunnie bashing with my m8 and our RF's with mods & nightsight's but left with our hearts in mouths as whilst shooting bunnies and having shot 1 already in said field hit another one that started to make for the hedge when as i turned i fell arse over tit in a rut discharging my rifle & knocking my m8 over in the process just as he shot, we got up me covered in mud and with a twisted ankle and this great body on me and just looked at each other in amazement checking we were both ok. Put saftey back on my little semi and he did the same and then counted ourselves lucky no one was hurt before unloading and leaving to come home still somewhat amazed at our luck.
    lessons to learn are not to stand so close as to reach the other if one falls and take a torch and be sure of footing.
    anyone else had any near misses or strange misshaps?

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    Any one of us has probably done something we felt we would not do again, & I include myself in this category, So next time you'll be one loaded rifle at anytime? ( at least one of you will be able to get help for the other!)
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I was sharing a pigeon hide with a friend of mine earlier this year, I was reloading as I closed my shotgun it went off blowing a hole in the ground about a foot in front of my mates foot. After that that barrel stopped working. I am still waiting to hear from the gunsmith exactly what happened but we both expect it was a broken spring. Thank god from a early age my father beat it in to me to always point the barrels in a safe direction when reloading

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    there is some thing to be said for a day time reckie before an evening out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by eggy s View Post
    I was sharing a pigeon hide with a friend of mine earlier this year, I was reloading as I closed my shotgun it went off blowing a hole in the ground about a foot in front of my mates foot.
    Similar thing here. One of the first times I took my wife out shooting at night. Forgot that she's a left hander, and was walking next to her in the dark on what I thought was the "safe" side. Accidental discharge from her .410 missed my shin by inches!
    Both of us became safer shots as a result of the experience, I think.

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    Spoke to my gunsmith yesterday who confirmed one of the tumblers had broken, great to know it was not user error.

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    I was handing over a guard position on Jabal Sanam in Iraq in 2004, just finished my 3 hour shift on stag and a bleary eyed signaller came out to relieve me.
    He walked in the sanger, plonked his gear down on the bench and proceeded to load his rifle behind me while i filled in the guard book.

    When you take over a guard position, you always do the habitual check to make sure the weapon is empty, cock hook n'look inside, weapon clear, bolt forward and fire off the action. Then load the magazine and either wait for the "Ready!" order, or wait till you are under contact before you put one up the spout. In his fat bleary eyed signaller state, he put on the magazine first, then cocked open the action, gave a half hearted look into the chamber, failed to see the brass, working parts forward to fire off the action and promptly fired a 4 round automatic burst up the sanger wall right beside me. The nearest they got to me was 3 inches from my right knee then luckily climbed higher and to the right, as is the habit of automatic weapons. It blew out a load of gravel from the hesco wall that shredded my trousers and cut my leg, so i thought he'd hit me for a second or two. I'd been out there about 7 months at that point and had already had my fair share of close calls, he'd been out there a few weeks and wasn't taking the heat too well, and the hours were clearly getting to him. He was also as new as new could be, fresh out of whatever training depot signallers come from. I just looked at him and watched the colour drain from his face, and then enjoyed watching him throw up his bacon and beans outside the sanger. If he'd hit me I'd have been a bit miffed, but twas all in a days work back then! Sorted him out 4 buckshee 5.56 from the yanks that were on the hill and didn't have anything else to do with him. All on the same side after all. ND like that would have cost him a months wage per Shot! Couldn't do that to the boy. Kids eh!

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    SCAREY !! doesn't apply Digger, I'd say your "MAKER" was watch'n over you.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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