View Poll Results: Which is (or which would) be your preferred manufacturer of 375s for big/dangerous game?

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  • Ruger

    3 4.29%
  • Remington

    2 2.86%
  • Mauser

    7 10.00%
  • Blaser

    10 14.29%
  • Sako

    10 14.29%
  • Savage Arm

    0 0%
  • Weatherby

    2 2.86%
  • Winchester

    6 8.57%
  • BRNO

    28 40.00%
  • Other - pls send pm and I'll add/replace an option

    2 2.86%
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Thread: Which 375 manufacturer for big/dangerous game

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    Which 375 manufacturer for big/dangerous game

    Hi, I'm looking at a 375 for big/dangerous game and have short listed a few rifles/manufacturers (though still open to additions/revisions). Given that I like to see and handle an item such as a rifle before purchase, the question for the forum is:

    "Is/Are there dealers who have a wide range of weapons in stock, which one can 'thumb through' before purchase?. If so, who and where (web link?)"

    The question also applies, in my case, to 243 and 308 hunting rifles but a more general response may well assist others in the same boat. Thanks in advance. Paul

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    brno cz

    Hi Paul,
    lets get it straight.... i don't have one of these rifles nor have i shot dangerous game.

    I have a good mate who has. he liked the CZ mauser actioned rifles. I would be very tempted..


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    The conventional wisdon for a Dangerous Game Rifle is that it must have controlled round feed rather than push feed as theoretically much more reliable.

    But even Craig Boddington in his book Safari Rifles admits that there is nothing wrong with a push feed action provided it is properly set up (and the problems come with timing of the rails in a custom calibre - usually not an issue when in factory issue). Being left handed he almost has to use a push feed action as ther are not many CRF actions in left handed.

    Having been in the african bush, I would go for simplicity and strength, and an action that is not too fine in its tolerances - ie doesn't get jammed by sand.

    Any of the makes you mention would work fine, but make sure that the rifle is properly tested had a few tens if not hundreds of rounds through it) before going so that you are certain it goes bang every time you pull that trigger.

    I would go with whichever brand fits you well and you feel comfortable with.

    Also don't go too light as a 375H&H does have a thump - not bad in a heavy rifle.

    The old BRNO's are standard issue kit to most African game departments, and when I lived in Zambia were the only rifles available locally so that what all the locals used. They are tough as as old nails and I carried one in the bush for protection, but to be honest never actually had to use it.

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    I have never had to use such a rifle but do recall reading a bit about them by an African PH. He favoured BRNO's and described them as being like a prostitute, use it and then forget about it until you need it next and it will perform for you just the same as last time. He, and all of his mates, swore by BRNO. My BRNO experience only runs to my Hornet and 243 but they are tough buggers.


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    BRNO every time, if it has to be a bolt-action. It beats everything else hands-down on the reliability stakes when you're in the sh*t.

    Anyone who uses a Blaser R93 on dangerous game is volunteering for a Darwin Award, irrespective of what the sales brochures state.

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    Just recalled that the likes of Rigby's used the BRNO action for many years as the basis for the Big Calibre Rifles. J R Roberts, who owned the Rigby name before it was sold across to the US, still do.

    The main differences between a Rigby costing several '000s and a basic BRNO or CZ are:

    1) The Internals of the action are polished and honed so it feels smoother, Better trigger and a dropped floor plate to hold one more round.

    2) Action lugs are squared up etc and barrel trued up / or match grade barrel fitted - so theoretically will shoot more accurately.

    3) Stock will be a High grade peice of walnut lovingly crafted and fitted.

    4) More elegant looking fixed sights added, along with barrel band for sling etc. Finish of the metal work will be much finer - high quality blue etc.

    Give both a Rigby and BRNO a few years hard use the stocks will look about the same, bluing will be worn and BRNO's action will have worn to the same smoothness as a Rigby!

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    Why consider a Mauser lookalike when you can have the real thing?

    A new Mauser would be the 'Best' choice given any set of criteria except personal preferences.

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    i go BRNo my dads NEVER jammed, my R93 did thought not really that bad because iut was a munty you know the Holland &Holland bolt action magazine rifle... built on a 600 quid BRNO action

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    CZ but I would'nt use a .375, if your going after Buff I would go with a calibre that starts with a four.

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