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Thread: shooting greatness.

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    shooting greatness.

    Yesterday trapper popped round and we loaded some rounds for his .308win. we used his own sako brass. some 150 gr nosler solid base round nose boat tailed bullets. they are unfashionably stubby looking (not trapper, the bullets). Used reloader 15 CCI primers.

    worked up the load from the 45 gr min towards 49 gr max.

    45 was ok about an inch.
    46 was ok about 1.5 inch
    47 was ace, the 3 shots were a one hole group at 100 yards
    48 was ok about 1.5 inch but there was a bright spot on the base of the case where the ejector plunger is.
    49 was slightly compressed. one shot blew out the primer! quite a pressure jump. the rest of the group not fired.

    That group at 47 was fantastic. probably the best bit of rifle shooting i have ever seen. I think the round will be a great very hard hitting deer round with match accuracy.

    well done roy.


    his shooting prowess is clearly rivalled only by my reloading genius

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    Is the rifle very only or a cheaper make i would worry if i had started to show pressure signs as early as you chaps did. Well done on the good group and best of luck with it on live quarrie.

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    Yep, Rel 15 is a great powder for the .308 and 150g bullets, I use 46.5g with Ballistic Tip and it is the same result.

    Good shooting.

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    the rifle is a quite new tikka t3.

    I also was suprised. i have never seen any pressure signs at any of the max data published in the speer manuals. I have loaded .223 243 270win, 7mm08 308 and 30-06 and this is the only time i have seen pressure whilst staying in the speer guidelines. all of the loads were wieghed and not just dropped.

    but that at 47 was spot on.


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    How about the brass Steve, had it been fired a few times or was it new? Have you another few pieces of different make brass that you could try at the same loads.


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    It was decent once fired sako. I am quite cool about it really. the accuracy was superb. i don't see it as a problem. I also wonder about whether the nosler bullets are very fractionally bigger than others. I don't know. with them being a round nose they have a proportionally longer shank.

    but the accuracy load is 47 gr in that brass with that bullet. I am quite happy with this level of performance. the outstanding thing was the level of roys marksmanship.


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    I had a case jam in my new T3 up at Malcs and that was factory ammo, Federal PowerShocks.
    Jammed solid managed to knock it out with ram rod from an old Enfield musket !! The very nice man at our local gunshop sorted me the chamber out gave it all a once over and only charged me thirty quid, was going to cost me 35 just to post to GMK and if there was something wrong that looked like was my fault then it woud really cost me, so much for warranty and factory ammo.#
    Been fine never sniff of a jam before when using on the range soon as want to go in the field ..

    Really pissed me off, luckily Malc came to the rescue and lent me a rifle what a star that man is shot his deer, and a very first ever grouse eat his food (very good it was to I might add ) drank his wine, borrowed his waterproofs, leggings then his rifle

    In the end the rifle jamming was forgotten and drifted into the haze that surrounds the whole adventure

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    you going to complain to Federal about that, it may stop it happening to some other poor sod, plus you may get a 30 refund and a few buckshee rounds out of it.


    47 grains it is then, and all hail to Trapper the marks man


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    I have kept the case and intend to have ago but everyone is being very negative, I examined the case when I actually removed it the sides were very pitted and the chamber had rusted badly (had to be lapped out by the gunsmith) I know that with the corrosive elements in the propellent it would corode the chamber but I am would pondering would a week jammed in the chamber cause it to pit the case so badly ?

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