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Thread: Docter Optic scope

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    Docter Optic scope

    Docter Optic scope wanted

    What have you got guys


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    2.5-10x48 on BBS forum. But my 2-10x40 Minox is nicer and cheeper

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    8x56 on guntrader for 300 too.

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    beg to differ have used a minox and not quite the scope they made it out to be and the reason its cheaper look down the Docter at night then look down the minox then you will see the minox DOES NOT COME CLOSE. and yes the Docter is still for sale and is brand new.


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    hello mate any particular Docter you are after, i have a brand new 2.5-10x48 30mm tube all boxed with paper work it was a comp prize i am selling it as i have 5 rifle and all have scopes on them they are around the 700 quid mark from uttings who have a deal on them at mo and i am asking 500 quid but i may take a close to this amount offer, if you would like pictures send me your email addy and i will email you the pictures.


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    I have a 3-12x56 Illuminated.not a mark on it.

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    Im also looking for a 3-12x50 illuminated, so if anyone has a scope for sale please send details

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    got an 8x56, looking for 350 posted
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    SORTED NOW - thanks guys
    Quote Originally Posted by FlyBoy270 View Post
    Docter Optic scope wanted

    What have you got guys


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